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2023-03-11 - 7:50 a.m.


me parking lot shoprite type place typ dream atm and young little glr removs snekaers and socks right as we are walking by max horniness, in side some skit place with 2 gay mal eactors 1 bi black actor and actos/actresses each took opp sex person frm audicnce to do romance skit w except 2 gay males and bi black actor (latter asked audience should he take male or femle they said former), said girl above was in bckground w nke snkrs on breifly in spotlight in this (looked like piper rcklelle)

me on hwy same hwy i dreamt of in early 2020s, ie 'near trop palms' like an osceola parkway type thing typ dream atm for hwys maybe more so, but hwy like last dream about it cmpletly dffnt than osceola pkwy, since it is dream world hwy, me on said hwy near its intersection w i4 and where i was last time i dreamt up oof it trying to see whch direction trop palms place is from it i also saw bradlees truck go by then i see few adult males go by like from trop palms me wary a bit then un blly lookalike i end up on outdoor farm w outdoor market me still wary but fade typ dream atm for stores eventually i go inside one shop building me upset market uses twitter like 'all other buisnesses', indoors typ dream atm for shop me purchsing things ,mom fighting w chasiers, me thinkin this 'uniqe atm' (ie dream shop atm i usually get in dreams) will be the 2023-2032 atm like the walk atm i took in 2013 was 2013-2022 atm



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