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2023-09-30 - 11:17 p.m.

I wish as the father of a thought that
Rather doesn't even question
It wonders at its best
It has no shame to suggest you format a concept.

Now is it a fragrance, or is it a stench?
This scent that comes along with the greediest of hands
As you laugh out loud
And do not need to hear the facade,
It crumbles.


These are lines that you could not erase.
Yours are words so easy to deflate.
And you smell the money, but you miss the point
Now let us stir the stagnant water into life.

As we swim and try not to sink
And drown in an ocean of pity.
I wonder "What is shallow?"
I wonder who is wise.

All I know is the fear makes you
Mock all that's true,
Measure by resemblance and murder what's pure.
We get stuck in between, remain unseen


Mocking all that is true
Measured by resemblance.
Gently murdering what's pure
Laughing out loud.


This identity cannot be slain, these are lines that you can not erase.

(Into life....)(4x)



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