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2023-03-11 - 7:57 a.m.

in highway dream mentioned i walked tot hat highway becaz in florida the rare snow we got was long gone and it was as hot as summer

dream more mke tyson doing some improp show me hrny about him removing shoes and socks (probably that asian vid of xio chen 2021 but w mike tyson in her place) mke tyson stll bft then doing poker match against one of best pker plyrs ever heavy blck guy like one from bg brthr 5

2 nickledn girsl who have 2010s and or 2020s show on network blone and brunette brft (toes w ink) doing some weird chllgne brft they choose who does it w em

few dyas earlier dream me in dc typ city atm but beach ocean nearby and saw ocean in distance

then up



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